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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Common Questions about the Therapy Process and Our Services

  • What should I expect during the free consultation?

    • Meeting and getting to know your child's therapist

    • Discussing your reasons for reaching out

    • Learning how we can help

    • Answers to your questions about the process

    • A snapshot into how virtual therapy works and feels

  • How does online therapy work for kids?

    • Online therapy works very similarly to in-person therapy. The difference online therapy brings is the convenience and ability to join sessions from wherever you feel comfortable, avoiding traffic hassles, and commuting.

    • Research shows that online therapy, especially video telehealth, is just as effective as in-person therapy

    • Online child therapy: Not surprisingly, children adapt very well to therapy using an online platform for a number of reasons. One being, they tend to be well versed and familiar with using technology to communicate and entertain. As for parents, we typically walk you through setting up the space (camera position/adding appropriate toys/material/etc), what to do when a child leaves the area, and how to support the child throughout the session.

    • Additionally, our team is specifically trained in (1) child and adolescent therapy and (2) online therapy with kids/teens. Many other online therapy services, including big companies such as BetterHelp/, are not specialists and do not have this sort of training. Thus, they may be less effective at working with kids or teens virtually.

  • Should I use my insurance?

    • It is up to you whether you use your health insurance or not. Some reasons why our clients choose not to include:

      • Increased privacy for kids and families. Insurance companies require a clinical diagnosis.

      • Gives you more control over your family or child’s treatment

      • No surprises over whether or not a service is covered

  • How long does therapy last?

    • This really depends on your child and family's needs. Each therapy experience is highly individualized and is dependent on a number of factors including, family/client engagement, presenting problems, motivation, commitment, and practice outside of session. We do not use a “one size fits all” approach. Therapy can last as long as needed to reduce or eliminate the problem, which can range from a few sessions to years. You are able to end therapy at any time.

    • Sessions are usually 45 minutes

  • Does my family/child need therapy?

    • Here are a few reasons a child/family might need therapy:

      • You’re noticing problems across multiple areas of life (home, school, community)

      • Frequent mood changes (anxiety, sadness, anger, withdrawn)

      • Frequent conflict between siblings or parents

      • Frequent negative behaviors (defiance, tantrums, aggression)

      • Attachment issues with a parent

      • Challenges with adjusting to life changes (adoption, divorce, separation, moving, a new sibling)

      • Your child or family has experienced significant life stressors (abuse, death of a loved one, foster care, etc.)

  • What ages do you work with?

    • We work with children ages 2 to 18 and parents. Individual child therapy sessions are typically offered for children starting at age 7. We also offer parent sessions without children to address parenting struggles.

  • How will you make sure that my child will feel comfortable with you? 

    • Don’t worry, we provide a warm and fun environment that allows your child to feel safe in expressing themselves without judgment or fear of making a mistake. Your child will be invited to participate at their own pace, fostering increased feelings of security, control, and confidence.

  • What are the next steps if I want to begin?

    • First, submit a contact form and we will be in touch as soon as possible. 

    • Second, upon determining this is the right choice, you will be scheduled for an initial intake assessment. This is not a therapy session, but a session to build rapport with your child and family. This session involves gathering extensive background information including family dynamics and history, current and past problems, and goals for therapy. 

      • Intake sessions can take 1 to 2 sessions to fully complete

    • Third, we’ll develop a treatment plan, which is an outline of individualized goals and expectations for therapy appropriate for your family’s needs.

    • Fourth, treatment begins as either individual child sessions or family sessions.

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