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Mother and a Child

Parenting Support

Sessions are highly personalized based on your needs

You’ve done it. You’re a parent. That means you have it all figured out and know all of the best things for your kids, right? Maybe. But what happens when you feel lost? Or need a little bit of guidance? What about someone to simply affirm you’re doing your best? Or maybe, you often wonder if your child is going through a phase and if so how to help them through it. Well, we're here to tell you that these thoughts are common and can be addressed through our 1-on-1 parent sessions.


These sessions are for parents of children with general parenting concerns or challenges. Sessions are highly personalized based on your presenting needs.

Using a positive parenting approach, we work with parents to use encouragement and support in order to teach appropriate behavior to your child. This type of parenting helps you build happier and healthier relationships between you and your child.

Common issues addressed include:

  • Struggles with a child with ADHD

  •  Toddler tantrums

  • Child school and homework challenges

  • Setting routines and schedules

  • Appropriate discipline

  • Getting your child to complete chores

What are the benefits of positive parenting

  • Teach good behaviors

  • Eliminate bad behaviors without yelling or repeating yourself

  • Earn the respect of your child without the use of physical discipline

  • Increased bond and attachment between you and your child

  • Increased feelings of safety for your child

  • More effective communication

  • Improved self-esteem and happiness for both child and caregiver

  • Confidence in knowing you are parenting in a healthy way


So what exactly is positive parenting?

  • Parents and Caregivers are ESSENTIAL to promoting their child's emotional health.

  • Positive parenting is the key to helping your child thrive and live up to their full potential!

  • From providing consistent nurturance and love all the way down to ensuring your child has their most basic needs met (food, clothes, warm, sleep, hygiene, etc), a high-quality relationship with your child is the foundation for equipping them the values and morals most important to your family. 

  • When your child feels safe and secure in their attachment to you as their parent/caregiver, they are allowed to fully develop their personalities and identities and mature physically, cognitively, emotionally, and socially.

What does it involve?

  • Effective parenting

    • Example: Using intentional language and behaviors to model behaviors you want to see

  • Consistent parenting

    • Example: Responding to your child’s behaviors in a predictable and consistent way

  • Active parenting

    • Example: Simple, being involved in your child’s life (interests, hobbies, basic needs, nurturance, etc)

  • Attentive parenting

    • Example: Being engaged and aware of your child’s needs and wants.

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